Brian Burke, Head of Technology (Friendsurance)

Any professionally developed software product runs over cycles of implementing new features and refactoring to get the architecture back under control. As our exciting product was gaining more and more market traction, we have been focusing quite significant resources on implementing new functionality. The refactoring phase was waiting its turn, becoming more massive and more cumbersome to approach. To get this conflict resolved, we decided to involve Primelephants to review the architecture and prepare a refactoring strategy.

The professionally prepared architectural review has made the actual situation transparent. It has included in detail described measures for a sustainable refactoring, answered the questions “where”, “how” and “what first”. The proposed transition has helped us to get the architecture again back under control. This has increased the feature to market speed, the improved satisfaction of the product owner and the developers.
For us, it is essential to remain innovative, employ the best in class technologies for fewer bugs and more performance.

We would anytime recommend Primelephants for their professionalism, personal commitment and reliability to deliver exceptional results.


We work in North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin. We will be happy to call you back. Please plan around 15 minutes for a conversation.
You will find us in Berlin in Mindspace.
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