Recreate the Tinder experience for investment in two months.

The goal of the project was to recreate the Tinder experience between investors and startups' founders. After one iteration of implementation, the concept has been proven, and the market data showed to everybody that it has a purpose for existence.

However, this goal was not the main one since many other applications have tried to solve that problem. Findervest has a unique value proposition that will bring it to the top of the game. With our implementation help and WLOUNGE female founder network, it wanted to encourage investors to bring more attention to the diversity stage, especially women startup founders. The mission is clear - find investors for startup. Now the implementation needs to be leveraged.

Start with a challenge.

The problem was to implement this solution in a very upcoming short time slot, from 0 to 1. It was quite challenging but suitable in case of small iterative lean delivery. The functions that cover 80% of the application should be ready in two months. It had to include a backend, support for Android and iOS mobile, as well as an administration tool. It sounded almost impossible, keeping in mind the current enterprise project state where the software delivery cycle can be rounded into years without really predictable outcomes. Immediately, however, we took up this challenge because we were convinced by our approach that we could deliver on time.

Who needs a proper Tinder for startups?

The primary audiences are the startup and investor communities.

Startup founders want to find matching investors and, in case of mutual interest, be able to contact them—investors who, by the way, can be of different types, like business angels, venture capitalists, or even corporates (there is a lot of interest in the enterprise sector for investing in small Berlin startups), who are searching for exciting startups and, again, in case of mutual interest, want to contact them. findervest

Who will be a technology partner?

Findervest needed not only a software development agency but also a technology partner for the entire development of the product, starting with advising on the technology as well as taking charge of the complete process, including architecture, implementation, and dev operation and delivery for all mobile platforms. Primelephants has committed itself to this big responsibility. If anything went wrong at this stage, it would be critical for the Findervest business idea.

Restrictions are opportunities.

The big challenge was to provide a fault-tolerant system in two months. The app was to be launched on TOA (Tech Open Air) Berlin—one of the most significant events in the tech scene. A lot of potential users were expected to join the platform. Thus, it had to be able to handle the resulting high-load. For the current scope of use cases, that was a massive challenge, but for us, it was essential to support our customers in this opportunity, so we committed to a result because the reward was also very high in the end.

The journey from 0 to 1

findervest journey

To collect the requirements and build the system, you should have a proper process that guides you to success!

We believe that our Sandbox method is the most reliable and transparent way for the business to see the direct impact of the features and their results during the implementation cycles. The main message of our approach is "you do not need to implement a thing that does not have an impact." However, you need to know what to implement. It would help if you had a good plan to reach your vision.

Our process already recommended itself by being successfully applied in hundreds of other projects. First, together with the customer, we prioritize the most impactful features that would be an excellent candidate for the exceptional viable product. There are several ways to find the elements that the customers will buy-in. One of them is the product-discovery workshop. Depending on how clear the product vision is, this can be anything from a simple linear transformation into a functional concept to a fully-featured product-discovery sprint.

This time, the outcome of our workshop was a functional concept that covered fourteen of the most impactful user stories. The idea was not only an excellent way of structuring the project's scope but could be directly used by the architects to propose a suitable technical solution and hand it over to the development team. The concept created the main acceptance criteria for the project.

The functional concept was used to transfer the project's idea to the customer's UX/UI department, which created graphical screens for the future application.

Implementation is on away

The team of professional engineers worked very hard to deliver the software on time while constantly communicating with the customer. So, we can say that we made it all together.

findervest development team

The phenomenal outcomes and following todos.

Shortly before the planned launch at TOA, the app was extensively tested by our internal QA team and then by the customer. The launch scenario was played out several times until it became perfectly smooth.

The launch was a phenomenal success. The app worked like a charm. It’s like a Tinder for startups. The users were able to register themselves and find matches quickly. Startups and investors came together to build a better world.

We need to stress that the quote of the Prototype's era, "If you're not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late" is entirely wrong if you are launching a product in a comprehensive manner like Findervest did it on TOA. Customers want to see only the best products. The smallest issue would cause them to leave a negative comment and bring down the ranking, which cannot be afforded in the time of incredibly high competition between digital products.

So after release, we realized that we need more support for the business side, especially detail statistics for marketing purposes.

After the release, a lot of new ideas and new features are already on the roadmap. The latest version is already being planned. So, stay tuned.

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